53.07  wide-area  ham  repeater  system
Mt. Uncanoonuc, NH  on the WMUR-DT  tower
relocated 12-2-2006

Frequency coordinated and licensed to W1DC,  The 1200 Radio Club
(1200 name origin from the 70's meaning "Get on the air during lunch")

Also now on the air! ==> CNHARC Lakes-Region 6M repeater on 53.77


All three receive sites are now fully constructed!
(Franklin, NH is currently down for maintenance)

Mt. Uncanoonuc only transmits on 53.07   PL 100.0     (ID samples here)
Hopkinton-2 transmits on 51.74 PL 100.0  as a southern fill-in TX site. 
Both TX's carry identical traffic.

The three sites below receive on 52.07 by having the user select a different PL tone to access each site. 

CLICK HERE=> North Franklin, NH         PL 192.8 (off) ID:  bleep-bleep  & voice ID 
CLICK HERE=>   Central Derry, NH           PL 151.4        ID:  quick beep, no voice ID
CLICK HERE=>  South Hopkinton, MA   PL 71.9            ID:  boop and voice ID


Click here for a pocket guide to NH 6-meter repeaters

Click here for the permanent TX antenna installation work party


Currently active Project Managers 

Wayne Nakata, N1WPN

Full-power transmitter guru by converting and prepping the permanent Motorola MICOR transmitter
Plus a brand new NHRC-5 controller
Uncanoonuc installation crew
He also looks very cool in his silver Mustang!

Al Muise, K1NZQ 

Derry, NH central RX site project manager
Prep middle central RX and temporary GE M-II TX
Uncanoonuc installation crew
and a TON of rigging and technical expertise

Rick Zach, K1RJZ 

Mt. Uncanoonuc transmitter site project manager
Hopkinton, MA southern RX & TX sites project manager
DB212 & DB-82 antennas
Uncanoonuc installation crew
Heliax & polyphasers

Jason Greene, N1IIC

Franklin, NH northern RX site project manager
Prep all Franklin, NH site gear
Mt. Uncanoonuc installation crew

Thank you to benefactors of all sorts

A very special thanks to WMUR-TV for transmitter site access


  • (Twice!) Gil Edwards, N1OZQ :   $100 green cash money x2 which is GREATLY appreciated x2
    These new Heliax connectors and expensive grounding gear might be worth over $350 at list prices. 
    Copper is not cheap!  These have been installed at our Derry, NH and Franklin, NH RX sites.

  • Central NH ARC : $175 green cash money which is GREATLY appreciated
    • Went to pay for several CommSpec PL tone encoders & decoders
  • Bryan Cerqua, W1BRI : $100 green cash money which is GREATLY appreciated
    • Paid for some of Kurt's out-of-pocket tower climbing expenses ($500 total)
    • Created Hopkinton-2 TX on 51.74
    • Helped with CNHARC 53.77 duplexer tuneups
  • George Cleveland, WA1QGU  :  $100 green cash money which is GREATLY appreciated
    • Paid for some of Kurt's out-of-pocket tower climbing expenses ($500 total)
    • helped with Hopkinton-2 TX on 51.74
  • Larry Caruso, K1LGC    :  $100 green cash money which is GREATLY appreciated
    • Paid for some of Kurt's out-of-pocket tower climbing expenses ($500 total)
  • WMUR-TV:  1/2" heliax and Uncanoonuc tower access
  • Lindsay Collins, K1JY & Jim Cluett, W1PID:  Northern/Franklin, NH RX site
  • Larry Blouin, K1CA & Steve Hutzley, N1TEC:  Central/Derry, NH RX site
  • Marion Juskuv, AA1VU:  DB-212 antenna
  • Roger Coulson, WA1NVC:   Antenna plots & Uncanoonuc installation crew
  • George Maier, W1LSB:   100ft of brand new 1/2" Heliax for Franklin
    • Built antenna for Hopkinton-2 TX on 51.74 and other installation help x2
  • Bob DiMattia, K1IW:  Uncanoonuc installation crew
  • Tom Cefalo, W1EX: modify 140W commercial PA for operation on 51.74 Hopk-2
  • Dave Earl, N1GSC:  Uncanoonuc installation crew
  • Randy Krenz, N3HFK:  Uncanoonuc and Hopkinton-2 installation crew
  • Lee Lemoine, N3LEE:  helped Hopkinton-2 TX on 51.74 twice
  • Warren Legee, KD1BC:  Hopkinton-2 installation crew twice

  And a very special thanks to Kurt Jackson
 W1OBQ  does this for a living and he had to pay his helper and other expenses.  Kurt himself was free!


Helicopter flyaway 3D view from Terrain Navigator Pro V6.03  as a REAL PLAYER  AVI file
(right click here to download... then save target as...)

Female voice ID as an MP3 file (click here to play)

Male Voice ID as an MP3 file (click here to play)


53.07 repeater installation day at WMUR-TV

The mountain-top WMUR-TV microwave room

Lowband and UHF cavities.  Polyphaser lightning protection on the wall.
The central "remote RX" (above) is now in Derry, NH performing with excellent results.
On 3-14-2008, the UHF link antenna was moved from the building roof to the analog tower.



Extensive surge protection with Polyphasers on everything.
The house ground is being supplied by a discarded
B+ cable from the former WMUR-TV RCA transmitter.

(Now the RCA B+ cable was disconnected.... right?)

Click here for the permanent TX antenna installation

Bob DiMattia, K1IW was convinced that the main
WMUR-TV tower needed some safety grafitti...

last updated Tuesday, April 28, 2009