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W1DC permanent 53.07 TX antenna installation day.
Mount Uncanoonuc, Goffstown, NH
Saturday January 27th, 2007

Temperature at 8AM  5 degrees F

The deal:

A special thanks to WMUR

WMUR-TV retired an old, analog satellite receiving system.  As a donation to local ham clubs, four 220ft runs of 1/2" Heliax were being donated as long as the hams removed all of the cables in the tray going to the dishes.  Several ham volunteers from a number of clubs gladly performed the work.

At the same time, WMUR donated tower space on their tower for the 53.07 repeater.  Tower rigger Kurt Jackson of Hampden Communications donated his time and a helper's time.  Thank you Kurt! 

Kurt is WMUR's regular tower climber and is a highly qualified rigger with a large regional clientele.

Repeater talk-out coverage now covers south well past the Massachusetts Turnpike and north to the Lakes Region such as Wolfeboro and Gilford.  Fill in TX sites now extend that coverage even further.

Photos by N1IIC, W1BRI, K1RJZ


The goal:  Install a dual-dipole transmit antenna
for 53.07 at the top of the WMUR-DT tower.


Phase-1:  Remove one run of Heliax to be reinstalled later that day.
The three remaining runs are to be donated.  It was actually a fun day!




The Heliax hangers needed to be cut down from the trays.



Even the control cable went....




And to those hams who helped, free Heliax for their clubs!




Ten volunteers and two professional tower climbers staffed the event.



And yes, it was cold.    And worth it!      (Larry, K1LGC)



Phase-2 :  Mount the 53.07 TX antenna and re-purpose the Heliax

Rick Zach, K1RJZ (L) provided a presence for "the company".





For Kurt Jackson, W1OBQ...  it was just another day at the office.













W1BRI photo



" I  LOVE  this job! "



Phase-3  Connect Heliax to the repeater & test




Q: How many hams does it take to install one Heliax N-connector.
A: Seven



Q: How many are really good at it?
A:  One   





Time to test

100-Watts out of the transmitter on 53.07.  80-Watts out of the cavity.
One dB loss is good.   But how much reflected power?



Three watts reflected.     NOT BAD!




Mission accomplished.

Bryan Cerqua, W1BRI                                                            

 Talkout coverage now includes south of the Massachusetts Turnpike
and  north to the NH Lakes Region such as Wolfeboro and Gilford.


For the crew on hand, all agree that is was a fun day and a very social event!

On-site on that very cold day (in no particular order):

Kurt Jackson, W1OBQ & his helper Eric
Roger Coulson, WA1NVC
Bryan Cerqua, W1BRI
Randy Krenz, N3HFK
Rick Zach, K1RJZ
Dean Zach  (Rick's son)
Jason Greene, N1IIC
Dave Greene  (Jason's Dad)
Larry Caruso, K1LGC
Dave Earle, N1GSC
Paul Alberghini, W1IMD (traveled from Maine)

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