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central receive site
Derry, NH

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Update Monday, June 25th, 2007   8:45AM : 
Derry is RX permanently on the air !      
Repeater RX on  52.07  PL 151.4 (Derry, NH)
Repeater TX on 53.07  PL 100.0  (Mt. Uncanoonuc)

The central receiver location on Mt. Uncanoonuc has been removed due to an excessively high noise floor for low-band use.  This issue was not unexpected but we wanted to give it try.  The 53.07 transmitter remains on Unc.

Due to the generosity of Larry Blouin, K1CA (tower owner) and Steven Hutzley, N1TEC (site manager), we are pleased to share with you that the central receiver location has been placed onto the same tower as the 146.85 Derry, NH repeater.  This 2M repeater is quite well known due to it's excellent coverage.  The 6M RX antenna is a DB-201 ground plane at approximately 120ft.

Al Muise, K1NZQ is the project manager for Derry.





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