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W1DC northern receive site
Flag Hole Hill,  Franklin, NH

Mt. Uncanoonuc Repeater TX:    53.07  PL:  100.0   
Franklin, NH  RX   52.07  PL:  192.8

Always check this web site for updates as we usually update the information only hours after any kind of change.

Spring 2009:  Franklin northern RX site electronics is being repaired by Al Muise, K1NZQ and will be restored to full operation.


Lindsay Collins, K1JY has graciously offered access to his site in Franklin, NH for the northern RX.  If you have any familiarity with central New Hampshire, this is the site for the well-known 147.30 repeater.  Two-meter coverage is very good so we expect similar if not better coverage on 6-meters.  Receive coverage in the Lakes Region should be highly viable.  TX coverage from Unc is better in Wolfeboro than in Gilford due to expected shadowing but both are viable.  Franklin RX site coverage is very good.

Please remember that this is a 52.07 receive site and not a repeater site.  The 53.07 transmitter will always remain on Mount Uncanoonuc.

This receive site is separate and distinct from the 53.77 Gunstock full repeater .


The project manager for the 52.07 Franklin RX site is Jason Greene, N1IIC.


N1IIC,radio mods, programming, etc
K1JY, site landlord
W1PID, the matchmaker
K1RJZ, parts & other help




NHRC-3 controller with voice ID.
Thanks to Beltronics for programming and legacy tune-up  guidance!

(This is the RF gear that was removed for repair)


Brand new Heliax donated by
George Maier, W1LSB



Grounding gear donated by Gil, N1OZQ


The installation day ended up with very high humidity and rain ranging from nothing to drizzle to downpour. The high humidity caused shiny tools to collect moisture and become dull even when inside the building.  The slimy wet lichen on the rocks made walking a challenge.

Lindsay Collins started his tower climb without rain.  The rain resumed as soon as he was at the proper antenna height!  The rain ended as soon as Lindsay completed the installation.

Participants generally agree that many mosquitoes were the size of a Buick.

But we all had fun...






Special recognition needs to go to Jim Cluett, W1PID.  Jim was the guy who did the introductions to make the Franklin site happen.  Whether his work involves fixing a MASTR-II repeater, working QRP CW from a kayak or train or his day job as a conductor on the Winnipesaukee Railroad, Jim does it all.

Now that's diversity!


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