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900  MHz  codeplugs to download    

You must use Motorola's software which is not included here.  This is only the frequency and channel data that you may choose to  use as-is or start as a foundation for your radio.  These are the efforts of several individuals to take advantage of different perspectives.  There will be no "official" codeplug.

Note:  Please respect the wishes of each repeater trustee as New England repeaters have been deployed as a mix of Hear-Clear ON and OFF.  Do not set up your radio for HC=OFF when you are using an HC=ON repeater (and vise versa).

MCS2000  mobile

via K1RJZ  updated 4-29-2009 
click here   (added Marlborough, MA & Deerfield, NH)
Basic, all major repeaters, no garage repeaters, some pending repeaters.  Freq order takes a trip on major highways.
Starts in Boston west to I-495, then south, then north, then misc
Note:  There is one channel at the end of the list which is labeled as "WALTHAM HC=OFF" but Waltham uses HC=ON. Please do not use this for regular communications but if you wish to experiment to appreciate the qualities of each, it is there.  Again, it is not for regular use.

via WA1NVC  updated 4-17-2009
  click here    additional TXT_info
Fancier all singing, all dancing, all frequencies, in frequency order sort

via KC1HO   updated 4-23-2009  click here
    additional XLS info
Alphabetical sort by city name, not geographical proximity


MTX9250 portable

modified by K1RJZ but originally by K1BOS (added CSQ RX on simplex )
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