900 MHz repeaters derived from trustee submissions and
http://www.nerepeaters.com but with more and less
information as needed. Use NErepeaters.com  as
the ultimate reference for the full unedited list of repeaters.

last updated
Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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   * = PL drops before carrier
  = changed, new info
changed freq 927.0375 MA Fall River NN1D D031 D031 ON affiliated with Taunton club, wide cov
changed freq 927.0625 MA Boston K1RJZ D244 D244 OFF NEAR-900 link-up  MMRA
927.1375 MA Waltham W1MHL 131.8 100.0 ON NEAR-900 linkup
  927.4125 MA Plymouth N1OTY 67.0 67.0 ON Taunton club maybe linked in near term
  927.4250 MA Bridgewater W1WCF 131.8 131.8 ON affiliated with Taunton club
pending - on hold 927.4375 MA Westford WB1GOF D244 D244 OFF proposed: NEAR-900 linkup
  927.4625 MA Assonet WG1U 103.5   ON affiliated with Taunton club
  927.4750 MA Marshfield N1ZZN 131.8 100.0* OFF NEAR-900 linkup
  927.4875 MA Wrentham N1UEC 131.8 131.8* OFF NEAR-900 linkup
pending - on hold 927.5375 MA Framingham WA1NVC 131.8 100.0 ON looking for another site
  927.6250 MA Pembroke W1EHT 131.8 100.0 OFF covers into  Bourne, Taunton, Boston
  927.6875 MA Taunton KA1DTA 131.8 131.8 ON may become a NEAR-900 linked hub
927.6500 MA  Dartmouth-1 W1SMA D031 D031 ON Acushnet EMA and SCMARG
new DPL & TX/RX hdwr 927.7000 MA Marlborough W1MRA D244 D244 OFF soon: NEAR-900 linkup  MMRA
 NEW on-air 927.8375 MA Dartmouth-2 W1AEC D031 D031 ON soon: NEAR-900 linkup SEMARA
  927.7250 MA Georgetown W1ASS 100.0   OFF NH's ASS-RING OF FIRE linkup
NEW on-air 927.7500 MA Salem N1UEC 131.8 131.8 OFF soon NEAR-900 linkup
  927.7875 MA N. Attleborough N1SEC 127.3   ON Located at North Attleboro HS
NEW on-air 927.8000 MA Provin Mtn W1KK D244 D244 OFF soon NEAR-900 linkup  W.Mass
927.8250 MA Hingham N1JFU 131.8 100.0* OFF NEAR-900 linkup
NEW on-air 927.8375 MA Mt Tom AA1KK D244 D244 OFF soon NEAR-900 linkup  W.Mass
  927.8875 MA Hopkinton N3HFK 131.8 100.0* OFF NEAR-900 linkup (PT for now)
  927.7125 NH Mt Uncanoonuc W1ASS 100.0   OFF NH's ASS-RING OF FIRE linkup
927.6875 NH Deerfield W1ASS 88.5   OFF NH's ASS-RING OF FIRE linkup
  927.7625 RI North Providence KA1EZH 67.0 67.0 OFF  N1OTY indicates good coverage
  927.6750 RI Cumberland Hill N3LEE D244 D244 OFF impressive coverage linked in near term
927.5875 Nearfest portable event rptr WA1NVC 131.8 100.0 ON WA1NVC portable repeater
927.5000   simplex   100.0 CSQ OFF
green  = often unlinked but noteworthy to those outside of the local area.  Other local repeaters may give overlapping coverage
yellow  = full-time NEAR-900 900 MHz New England linkup    Hear-Clear setting will always follow the trustee's wishes

   12.5 MHz offset repeaters are not shown because many newer radios cannot use these freqs.     Last updated  Wednesday, November 18, 2009