Lunch & Breakfast  meetings

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      Well-attended monthly GEMOTO lunches are often organized by Roger Coulson, WA1NVC.




Lunch for 17 in the Rte-128 area at Bamboo in Bedford.  Great food.


Repurposing of old technology
is always a popular topic.




                                         Deb, AC1IC





Sharing technical ideas on how to make radios do something that the manufacturers never intended is part of the sport.

This is one of 40 Motorola MTX-9250
 portables that enjoy a new life on 900MHz.




                                             John Mullaney, K1BOS



Britany's  Restaurant  in  Northboro, MA

Breakfasts by Jim Whelan, KX1M have consistently been successful.

Now up to 31 regulars... but there was a new, unexpected problem...






To avoid shortages, on one Saturday morning the entire restaurant was closed down to the public except for the hams!  We finished up at bit after 9AM.




Rick Zach K1RJZ and his son, Dean, also a regular.










Training the next generation of hams.




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