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Just GE Delta,  really fast.  (RANGR too)

Models and cables
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Delta family made in USA

Ranger family made in Japan

GE wisely enabled both the Delta and Rangr radio families to use the exact same cables, microphones, speakers and control heads.  In terms of market positioning, the Rangr is basically a Japanese-built version of a Delta.  The Rangr specs and accessories are generally the same as a Delta but the internal radio circuitry is different.

Combination numbers,  package numbers  and  cable numbers.... oh my!
A "combination number" is a very complex number that details all of the technical details of a certain radio.  Each digit has a very specific technical definition.  A "package number" is a shorter, simpler number that identifies an accessory bundle that ships with that radio but also includes the radio.  The package number digits are seemingly random as if it was a short part number.

These are links to information on the different versions Deltas and Rangrs as well as the numerous cables that work on various control heads.  These are deep links to Hall Electronics but they do not show up as links on Hall's GE intro page.  These links may help you get to the needed information much faster.
Delta overview by model http://www.hallelectronics.com/getech/n33.htm
Delta by package number  http://www.hallelectronics.com/getech/n36.htm
Delta by combination number http://www.hallelectronics.com/getech/n32.htm
Rangr, all numbers http://www.hallelectronics.com/getech/n93.htm
All cables by control head  http://www.hallelectronics.com/getech/n35.htm

Just GE Delta,  really fast.

New England area contributors:

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