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GEMOTO + PRA proposed location at Nearfest-III





GEMOTO at Nearfest



Most of the action is under the trees.



APCO P25 digital mode is gaining serious
 traction from the Boston area ham community with
two coordinated and operational UHF repeaters so far. 
( Hmmm... do inexpensive surplus radios
have something to do with it? )

The latest in digital technology.

A score! 
Left one is already operational on 53.07 W1DC

Only a few of the GEMOTO table crew

N1OZQ and N1GSC also of GEMOTO

"You mean that you've never heard of MIT?"


As long as it has batwings, W1NAU is interested...




NearFest-II   Generic Pictures

The smile says that his wife knows
he's coming home with LESS gear!





The latest from Heil Sound.

PGP Ver 0.1







Note: This guy from NY sold an HQ-170 that he claimed to work just fine.  After purchase, the internal band selector wafer, several ceramic trimmer caps and fine tuning cap were found to be physically smashed!




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