GEMOTO at Nearfest-III


Rain was not uncommon this time.
Much of the activity migrated into the Pentucket ARA tent.

Several GEMOTO participants are members of the PRA
who were also extremely gracious hosts!


A Nearfest first...
Due to a significant unflux of surplus and very inexpensive 900 MHz equipment, several new New England repeaters seem to be going up every month. Many but not all will be linked.  27 Motorola 900 MHz  MSF repeaters and 58 Motorola MTX9250 portables recently arrived.  All of the portables have been programmed, sold and delivered.  Most of the repeaters will soon have an operational home.  Many hams comment that this is like a flashback to formative years of VHF-FM in the late 1960's and early 1970's.  These are exciting times !

The first semi-organized meeting of the 900 MHz stakeholders was held at Nearfest-III .


Al Muise, K1ZNQ  &  George Maier, W1LSB









Roger Coulson, WA1NVC with his new ride... trying to pick up some hot babe



Rick Zach, K1RJZ  &  Roger Coulson, WA1NVC

Roger's "score" of an old, low-tech, low-end, low-band Handi-Com walkie.



John Mullaney, K1BOS programming a fellow-hams's commercial portable.
John has dedicated much of his personal time to create most of the GEMOTO
900 MHz codelpugs for the unflux of new MTX9250 portables.




If you had a surplus commercial radio, K1RJZ & K1BOS would  do their best to program it for you.
Much of the older software requires access to a semi-rare DOS-based 486 computer.
As one of his prize possessions, K1RJZ keeps this old DEC PC on long-term life support.




All that work to sell one walkie ?




Warren Stiles, W1LO   and   George Maier, W1LSB
Both are work veterans of MRC.



The beard thingy of Dave Earl, N1GSC




The PRA club members were also extremely gracious hosts.
Chief chef Dave Robertson, KD1NA  with Al Muise, K1NZQ.



May 3, 2008 was the very first semi-organized meeting of New England 900 MHz repeater owners and influencers.  IRLP-linking of 900 MHz repeaters was discussed.  Many repeaters are planned to link while others may choose to remain as standalone operations.  Randy Krenz, N3HFK has led the way to facilitate a common 900 MHz IRLP gateway  for all willing systems to leverage.

This was an excellent opportunity for the players to meet face-to-face.

The next 900 meeting is scheduled as an official, formal event of the ARRL Boxboro Convention on August 23, Saturday 1-2 PM in the Cotilion Room.