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                    Show  us  your  GEMOTO ! 

Although completely devoid of formal leadership or direction, the GEMOTO phenomenon seems to take on a life of it's own.  Please thank Mike Giovanucci, N1OMJ for the bumper stickers and Mark Boles, K1KGG for the GEMOTO shirts, hats, thongs and underwear.  A big thanks the incorporated radio clubs for their corporate entities, insurance, repeater ownership, etc. Some how it all works very well.
http://www.cafepress.com/k1kgg/6642874  <-- being sold at cost with no markup by K1KGG

If you have your GEMOTO item posted in either a common or unusual place, please email the picture to K1RJZ for inclusion.  We will respectfully decline any modeling in a thong.

Debbie displayed the very first bumper sticker last summer

Picking-up their MCS-2000's

Randy's Tahoe

Mike's Tahoe

N1OMJ's next creation



Wayne Green was Ham Radio's version of Ted Turner... a vocal media owner, sometimes controversial and always thought provoking.  Gordon Pugh was one of the key high-profile innovators in the 60's and 70's to establish the concept of ham repeaters that we now take for granted.


Taunton / Fall River crew, all experts in their own right.

Another 900 repeater antenna thanks to K1WUK

...of Nearfest fame




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