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A group of individual predators who unite to increase effectiveness of each member by operating as a coordinated group.

Recently, a group of four New England ham repeater clubs banded together for some highly organized dumpster diving (must be a childhood thing).

We became aware of an entity that migrated their two-way radio operations to 800 MHz and was decommissioning their network of 1/4 kW Motorola MICOR repeaters.  The original cost for these very high-power repeaters was reported to be a whopping $22,500 each!  The owner did not want other entities to put this equipment back into commercial operation and they did not want to see the gear show up at a flea market or on Ebay.  However, they understood the public good performed by amateur radio operators so they did feel comfortable donating these to hams.

As a corporation, the donor understandably wanted no liability plus they asked to remain anonymous.  They clearly did not want an ongoing stream of others to come knocking on their door asking for equipment.  This transaction had to be kept quick and simple.

We were told that the donor would leave these six 300-LB monsters outside of a certain facility next to a dumpster area.  After 7PM, our group was to assemble as a Wolfpack to clean out the remaining hardware as quickly and quietly as possible.

Perhaps to play a joke or to insure minimal legal liabilities, we found the six 70" repeater cabinets not near the dumpsters but IN the dumpsters.  This group of five grown up (?), middle aged men couldn't help from hysterically laughing while we were muscling these cabinets into multiple pre-staged Caravans, pickups and Explorers.

And then with very big grins, we disappeared into the night.


Epilogue: What a perfect example of how multiple clubs can come together to operate as a group for the betterment of all !  The peer-peer members of this wolfpack now meets on an email listserv and on the air to help share their parts and their knowledge... with big smiles.


Yes, that is a large dumpster that an anonymous company tipped us off to...  in great detail !

Now lets hustle because  the cops would not believe this story.

Note the car headlights serving as the primary light source.

Ted Phillips, K1CVB and Wayne Foley, N1XXI start in on the heavy lifting.
Bryan Cerqua, W1BRI (center) poses with his trophy for the Minuteman RA. 

Kim Peck, WA1PBU (right)  picks a keeper for the Waltham ARA.

Rick Zach, K1RJZ grabs a rig for the Central NH ARC. This cabinet is now on the summit of Gunstock Mountain in Gilford, NH.

It also brings back memories of dumpster diving in his mis-spent youth as a ham.

But will it work on 11-meters?

Another repeater was allocated to the Framingham ARA (not seen here).  Bob Hess, W1RH made a follow-up visit on day-2.

Hey guys, forget the FCC proof of performance routine.  Lets get the heck outta here!



Some rigs temporarily stored in K1RJZ's garage


All appeared to be worthy of
long years of future amateur service.



Dave Megan, KA1VJU,  VP of the Central NH ARC.
This cabinet (less electronics) is now located on the summit of Gunstock Mountain.


For more information on Motorola MICOR modifications for use
as ham repeaters, go here.

K1RJZ (at) komcast-daht-net

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