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                                                                                                             FYI: Operation Wolfpack-1 is here

From New Jersey to New England in three large trips!   Fifty-seven retired Motorola MSF-5000 150W repeaters made it north and many are now on the air with others being added monthly.  These sold for approximately $15,000 each when new in the 90's.

Event documentation to pass down to further generations....

150-Watt Motorola MSF-5000 900  MHz repeaters removed from a
New Jersey power company upgrade...  at the pre-autocrusher stage.
Several MASTR-II high-power base stations were not able to be "saved".











N1OTY  W1WCF N1PXA   x      NN1D       N1JFU        KA1DTA                              

       N9WYS                   x                           x               WG1U 
First run in February 2008...  first run of three.

N9WYS photo




Actually the preferred working position with a 24" boost courtesy of WA1MIK





May 15th, 2008   The Saga Continues.

Jason, WA1NH (lower right) did most of the serious heavy lifting
as the truck was loaded with over 20 repeaters...
loaded  SOLO then driven back to New England!



The first drop-off was at WWLP-TV in Springfield, MA.
Drop-off 2 was in Hopkinton, MA.




340 pounds EACH!



... looks like a drug cartel with each street deal getting smaller in size...




It does not take much Moto gear to bring a smile to K1RJZ







Hopkinton storage ready to pick up.  Several local hams have room keys.
The first to pick them up gets first picks (HINT).   These weigh 340 pounds each!









Virgin, as they were first opened,  not even dusted off yet.
These are very top-heavy as the PA power supplies are on top.



Most, if not all, repeaters lacked the following

Basic metering: TLN2418A          Diagnostic & metering:   TLN2419A

eBay material



No 900 MHz duplexers were available which is unfortunate
as duplexers are very expensive.  (those came later).


Still needed:  5 MHz High Stability Oscillator
5MHz version may be sold out so use the 10MHz type instead and change the jumpers in the MSF.

click on picture for a source

$49 plus shipping


How to turn Hear-Clear audio companding off on an MSF-5000 repeater: 
Thanks to Dennis Mills, WB6OIL from San Diego for the raw info and Bob Meister, WA1MIK to turn it into a genuine article with a couple of great options.

Bob  has completed the final article at




If you have received one of the perhaps fifty 900MHz repeaters that have migrated into New England, Repeater-Builder.com has published many new and absolutely superb write-ups on the MSF-5000's for ham use.  These articles have been crafted by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK who is out of Hamden, CT.
Personal comment on the writing style:  I wish that half of our vendors from work would extend the same skill and passion when they actually get paid to do the same thing!

Photo tour

The New England MSF-5000 900 MHz repeater experience

General link to this excellent resource managed and copyrighted by Kevin Custer, W3KKC and other authors



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