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Pictures of Operation Wolfpack-IV... 
free GEMOTO goodies thanks to Bob, K1WUK.    

We all enjoyed an excellent group breakfast prior to the pickups. This group had only a 36-hour notice to meet on Saturday morning or loose out on the goodies.




These are very expensive 900 MHz repeater duplexers.  Everyone met at the Hopkinton 900 MHz repeater site as it was the most central point for everyone. Eager participants drove in from Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Boston, Springfield and Fall River/Freetown.  WG1U also left with two six-meter cavities.  Everything was free as long as it had a genuine use.





Take a second look at the picture.  One would think that the these were fishermen
holding their treasured striped bass.  No... these are hams with 900 MHz duplexers.

This 900 MHz repeater movement is not a splash in the pan as several new 900 repeaters seem to be added monthly.  Everyone here already has an MSF-5000 repeater.

The intent was to store the goodies in Hopkinton but the demand was too great.  It all went.  Bob may have more goodies in the future and if so, he will leave it in Hopkinton. Bob's company is also a tower tenant so he has 24x7 access for drop-offs.





A special thanks to Bob Condon, K1WUK
for his extra special thoughtfulness!



Operation Wolfpack-I

Operation Wolfpack-II


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